Reviewed On 12/04/2017

Rob G

Dave Conley did a fantastic job; everything was great; he was laid back, and made our wedding exactly what we wanted it to be! Would absolutely go with second to none!



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I don’t leave anyone out.  I have been to some parties where the DJ has half the crowd wowed and the other half bored into leaving early. I want everyone to have fun.

I love it when the dance floor is packed and a new song comes on and the floor jumps with excitement.

‍‍‍David has close to two decades of professional DJing experience, but he never stops learning. 

“I enjoy live shows and watching how the performers react to a crowd. Be it a concert, comedy show, play or even sporting events, I love to see how a performer can bring an audience to life. I then think how I can bring that to my next job or in some cases now I know never to do that!”

He started DJing youth group dances and then made a little money DJing house parties and small events in college. After that, he turned pro and has been booking gigs since. 

“I jumped at the chance to work with 2nd II None. They are setting the standard for professional DJs everywhere. From the way they are always looking for new and exciting ways to entertain to the ways they help the clients plan their events.”

Life of the party. Seasoned pro. Continuous learner.