‍‍‍Entertainment That Rocks. Entertainment To Remember.

Entertainment is the heartbeat of your event.  The right music at the right moment. The right personality and the right tone.

From our initial consultation to your last dance, we listen to your ideas, adapt to your tastes and deliver unmatched entertainment services. It’s our goal to make your event fun, memorable and completely stress-free.

Our fully customizable DJ Service allows you to create a package that specifically suits your needs and preferences, with discounts available on many of our options. You can save money without sacrificing entertainment.

Click the button below to to request a quote and check out some of our popular packages.  If you don’t find something to fit your plans, we can help you customize your perfect wedding package.

DJ Services

The possibilities are endless

Our full-time, full-service production division offers endless possibilities. All of our wedding packages start with our DJ Entertainment Services. From there, you can customize our services to fit your idea of the perfect wedding.

Up to Four Hours of Continuous Service Time
Two Entertainers (DJ and Emcee/Event Coordinator)
Standard Sound System
Standard Dance Floor Lighting
Online Planning with Pre-Event Music Requests for You & Guests
Event Interaction and Coordination





You are Unique. Your wedding should be too!

You know what you want. Our job is to make it happen. Depending on the amount of service time you need, the size of your ballroom and invite list, or the personal touches you may desire your event may need one or more of our upgrades.

Our upgrade services give you an opportunity to completely customize your reception. Whether you want features to “wow” your guests or opportunities to share and create more heartfelt moments, we offer the latest innovations in the industry.

Additional Hour
Add more time to our standard four hours of service.

Upgraded Sound Systems
An upgraded sound system allows for proper coverage of your event, depending on the size of the venue and the number of guests. An insufficient sound system can lead to guests missing special moments or not hearing toasts. Insufficient sound can even affect the energy on the dance floor. You can rely on us to recommend just the right amount of sound coverage.

Cocktail Coverage
It’s all about the reveal. This upgrade includes one hour of coverage for a cocktail area that is not in the main reception area. More often than not, cocktail hour is hosted in a separate location from the reception. This allows for your cocktail hour to have its own atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a swanky lounge appeal or an upbeat new-age approach, you have a chance to customize your playlist.

Dancing On A Cloud
A romantic upgrade for your first dance, this low-lying dry ice effect gives the illusion of dancing on a soft rolling cloud. Catch your guests by surprise and create some amazing photo opportunities. For the bride who dreams big, this is a feature you don’t want to miss.

DJ Façade
‍‍‍ The traditional table skirt is a thing of the past. Our façade is a flat panel system that surrounds the DJ work station to hide unnecessary clutter from your guests. This upgrade ‍‍‍featu‍‍‍re is also backlit with a choice of colors to coordinate with your event.

DJ facade set up with blue uplighting.

Music Videos
Party alongside MTV-style music videos from the 70s through today.

**Requires projector and screen or LCD TV upgrade.**

Personalized Song Messages
Add a sentimental message to your first dance or parents’ dances to create unforgettable memories. Weddings have always been a big day for parents, not just the bride and groom. Providing a custom message transforms the ordinary father-daughter or mother-son dance into something truly memorable.

Ceremony Surprise
Instant gratification. As your guests arrive at the reception, they are greeted with professional images of your wedding day showcased in a slideshow. This is a great way to give ‍‍‍your guests a behind-the-scenes look at the events that took place earlier in the day or to catch up on the ceremony they may have missed. Some of the most intimate moments and treasured memories are displayed in a beautifully designed slideshow to welcome your guests to the reception.

**Only available when combined with our photography services.**

Personalized Video Messages
Custom videos recorded in our studio or on-location with the bride and groom, parents and/or bridal party can be played at the reception to highlight special moments, such as your grand entrance, dances or special surprises. A pre-recorded video of the bride, groom, mom or dad sharing a heartfelt message takes our personalized song option to the next level with video.

**Requires addition of videography services.**

LCD TV Upgrade
Showcase any of our video add-ons on 51-inch or 84–inch flat panel screens mounted to vertical trussing and lit from the bottom. You get the sleek look of flat panels and totem-style trussing that’s a popular part of today’s modern DJ style. The panels can display just about anything, from video montages to music videos to live action feeds.

Projector and Screen
This upgrade includes a 7.5×10 or 6×8 screen, projector and cables. The size can vary depending on available space.

Video Montages
Our video montage presentations are arranged to your specifications. You are only limited by your imagination.  Here are two of our most popular options.

Couple’s Video Montage
You provide us with between 80-100 digital images for a video slide show presentation.  The movie is set to music and highlights the bride and groom’s journey through time and ties the two families together for your special day.

Parent’s Video Montage
Enhance your father-daughter and mother-son dances with a personal slideshow.  Surprise your loved ones with a movie that showcases the relationship between a parent and child by using 10-15 pictures of your favorite memories.

TV/Screen Motion Monogram
This is an animated monogram of your name, initials or wedding date on our 51-inch flat panel monitors or on a projection screen. Instead of a static image, this monogram style grabs extra attention with subtle movements and hidden surprises.

Confetti Gun Blast
A special surprise for all of your guests, this upgrade creates another memorable opportunity for your photographers to capture some great shots of you and your guests enjoying your day. We pack the dance floor, hands up high and confetti seems to fall from nowhere.

 Sound Upgrade 1
                Guest count over 150 people or to accommodate ballroom size/structure.

Sound Upgrade 2
                Guest count over 300 people or to accommodate ballroom size/structure



If you're looking for an entertainment company that has a wide range of options, genuinely cares about you and your wedding, and is affordable, then look no further than 2nd II None Productions!! They truly are the TOTAL PACKAGE plus so much more!

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Having a winter wonderland wedding?  Adding our snow machine to your first dance just might be feature you’ve been looking for.  A warm embrace, a tender kiss, an elegant moment to last a lifetime, let is snow.