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DJ Dickie

I want our clients to feel like this was the easiest part of their wedding day/planning. 

I want them to feel comfortable, like they are working with a friend. 

Ultimately, I want them to want to tell others about 2nd II None because of the great experience they had with me.

DJ. Contagious laugher. And yes, that’s his real name – sort of.

“My real name is Richard. I was named after my uncle, but his father was also named Richard. To avoid confusion, he always went by Dickie – so I’ve been ‘Dickie’ since the day I was born.” 

No matter what you call him, it won’t be “boring.” 

“I like to dance. And I like to laugh. Both of which I think can be contagious. When people see me laughing, dancing and having a good time, it loosens them up and they want to do the same thing.”

Dickie brings his passion for having fun to work with him. 

“I love getting to do something that I have fun doing. But at the same time, I get to meet new people and create an environment where they are having just as much fun.”